Little Rivers Christian Learning Center provides toddlers and preschoolers an educational and safe learning environment, promoting growth in four developmental areas: cognitive, language, social and motor. Our little learners will graduate with exposure to key basic learning of Math, Literacy and the Arts.  Exposure to the tenets of faith, building strong morals and core values such as discipleship, education, faith, compassion, social empowerment and respect. As well as enriching their character and preparing them for success for the next stage of their education.

The mission of Little Rivers Christian Learning Center is to expose and challenge the young minds to experience learning that provokes them to think, make connections, build social relationships with peers, express their emotions through language and explore through play. We believe in creating and building our own curriculum that will expose children to learn a variety of skills through themes, stories, music, vocabulary and much more. Allowing us to assess and accommodate learning for children based on their skills and abilities. Our faith is embedded in our curriculum through stories, social interactions and activities, but most importantly it is practiced daily as a lifestyle.

Child Care Tuition Rates

Fiscal Year 2020

Toddler Transition
18 Months - 24 Months

Our program provides an intimate and nurturing environment for itty-bitty learners who are transitioning into childcare for the first time. In this program, we will expose children to a daily routine and structure that will introduce them to skills and concepts appropriate for their age. Growing them into being independent, social and creative beings.

Daily $35.00
Weekly $175.00
Bi-weekly $350.00

Daily $28.00
Weekly $140.00
Bi-weekly $280.00

Toddler Program
2 Years - 2.9 Years

Our program provides young learners an opportunity to learn, socialize and play through exploration. In this program, a child’s curiosity and eagerness to learn is redirected into learning skills and concepts such as literacy, math, vocabulary, and much more. Young learners soar quickly, adapting really well to routines and developing independent skills.

Daily $32.00
Weekly $160.00
Bi-weekly $320.00

Daily $25.00
Weekly $125.00
Bi-weekly $250.00

Preschool Program
2.9 Years - 4 Years

Our program provides our “big” learners an enriched learning environment, preparing them for their next stage of education. Our preschool program is centered on school readiness, where children are introduced and taught basic foundational skills required for their schooling experience.

Daily $30.00
Weekly $150.00
Bi-weekly $300.00

Daily $23.00
Weekly $115.00
Bi-weekly $230.00


Phone: 978-237-4480 


530 Broadway 3rd floor Lawrence Ma 01841 

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