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Building bridges to connect the world, one service at a time

About Us

The Humanitarian Arm of TSM has as its vision to build bridges of support, resources, and networks that will connect the world through service and relationships.


In 2019, we began sponsoring 25 children in Zambia, Africa.  Our children are school age with little or no financial support to get school supplies, adequate uniforms and at times only one meal a day.  With our partner ministry in Zambia and our local sponsors in MA and RI, we can sponsor these children in need.  

As an organization, our desire is to enhance our reach span to children outside of Zambia.  We know that worldwide the need is great, the laborers are few.  Today you can join our efforts to support our ongoing efforts in Zambia and the world.

Community outreach

As an organization, we look for ways we can be of impact in our surrounding community and the world.  Our efforts have in the past been primarily global from serving in orphanages and elderly homes in Mexico, to sponsoring children in need in Mombasa Kenya and Cuba, to gathering relief for communities in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.  We have served our local community with clothes and food in partnership with our local church. 

Our team is currently helping the community of Jalapa, Guatemala by providing monetary donations to our contact who purchases groceries for families who are in need. Our goal is to send donations monthly

Crisis Call to Action

Our largest effort in crisis call to action was our efforts to help Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria.  From our headquarters, we along with an awesome team of local officials and government support, were able to gather and send over 35 containers of relief to the island.  It is our mission to position ourselves to be that organization poised to help communities during times of crisis.  You can join us by becoming a part of our team.

Countries We Have Helped


  • Pastor Suresh   


  • Apostle Daniel Sikwese 


  • Natacha Nkogo 


  • Yanira Arias  
  • Yocasta Reyes

Lawrence MA 

  • Barbara Soler  


  • Apostle Alan Lacerda 


  • Apostol Dr Terika Smith  



Puerto Rico 


530 Broadway 3rd Floor Lawrence Ma 01841