Mercedes Baseball Academy
Here at MBA our main priority is that our athletes maintain a B average or better. We instill in them that baseball is not the only way of life, but we should all aspire for real world jobs. If our athletes are not preforming well in school, they are not allowed to practice but are required to still attend. In their attendance we encourage the students to catch up on any missed work or on any extra assignments given to them. Once they have brought their grades back up students are allowed to continue with their regular scheduled practice.

We have been able to provide our students with their own school desk and a designated area in which they can concentrate on their studies. Our team of coaches also come prepared to help students in their academics when needed as best as they can.

College recruitment process + Next Level Exposure  

  • During our College recruitment process, we ensure the students are well prepared in their education as well as in their baseball skills.  

We tour different college campuses and give the students something to strive for. During this process, we also play in tournaments in which college and university scouts along with major league scouts attend. This gives our athletes the opportunity to be able to earn a scholarship as many of our athletes come from families that would not otherwise be able to provide their children with college education. 

Year-Round General Baseball Training Options

Memberships  | Ages 13 to Adult | Enrolled Academy Team Members   


1 – Month $399.00/Month $350.00/Month 


6 – Months $266.00/Month $220.00/Month 


1 – Year $210.00/Month $200.00/Month

Memberships | Ages 4 to 12 | Enrolled Academy Team Members   


1 – Month $300.00/Month $270.00/Month 


6 – Months $250.00/Month $210.00/Month 


1 – Year $210.00/Month $190.00/Month 

*Private training and competitions have an additional pricing based on the qualifications of the athlete.

Payments can be made monthly or in advance.  It is less expensive to pay the year in advance.  Contracts are six months or one year at a time.  A one-month trial is offered at the cost listed above.  Anything beyond one month will be either six months or one year.