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There is a song by Miki Howard, Love Under New Management, that says, “Experience is a good teacher.” This book is about my experience managing my time. The book takes us on the journey of my life stage and how getting a hold of these key areas makes ministry and life more effective. My desire is that EVERY person that reads this book will establish a plan for their lives and put God in the center of it. Why? Because then there is nothing that can rise to derail them from their purpose and calling. 

Everyone has a purpose in life. Everyone has a passion for something. Many people move forward and only a few bring others along. This book is not stating that I have plateaued and reached that place of perfection. I have not. I am just like you, on a journey but with insight of how to move the dice, shift the gear, go from point A to point B and still stand. Through experience, I have seen what has worked and what has not worked and in so doing, wrote this book for those ready to take their time back; you are one of those people.



In this book you will learn to better manage you by applying the following six key principles: 

  1. Time for food 
  2. Time for exercise 
  3. Time for rest 
  4. Time for study 
  5. Time for prayer 
  6. Time for work 

At the end of each chapter you will have the opportunity to enter into agreement with God, your new accountability partner in this journey. The My God, Our Plan process is an agreement that you enter between yourself and God. If you are uncomfortable with this idea, then consider securing an accountability partner that is more advanced than yourself in the respective area who will motivate you towards constant growth. For me though, there is no one greater to motivate me than my God.


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