Except the Lord

Before you begin reading this book, allow me to warn you: You will be challenged! My dear brother and sister if you feel satisfied with your relationship with God, this book is not for you. Because within these pages you will discover a combination of two things: the testimony of the direct intervention of Almighty God in the life of a believer who hopes for and wants more of God, and an instrument to impart the same in your life. This book Except The Lord along with the essence of verse from Psalm 127:1; has as an objective the goal of allowing us to see in whom we must trust, hope and depend.

We should depend on the blessings of God and not on our own strength to build a house as opposed to expending our own strength to the point of exhaustion.

I believe God desires to raise up each believer for him to advance towards the purpose for which they were created. For this reason, each believer in Christ needs to move to a level and this level is total surrender to the will of God. I believe that the book you have in your hands has been divinely anointed as an instrument to help you reach that level. It could be that you have not gone through a dramatic life experience as in the life of Dr. Terika Smith, but if you give God freedom to work in your life the way He wants, you will reach that level. That is the will of God.

This book is about you and your passion to understand life. It is about the search for control over the circumstances and your destiny. It is about living life to the fullest and reconnecting to your inner you. You have not been created to only exist but rather to live a life of great importance. This book refers to that life: Your life!

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