My God, Our Plan

The book EVAngelize is designed for any ministry that is looking for a fresh approach to evangelism.  Too often we pick up a manual or visit a program, all of which are good and return home inspired to make a difference within our community and then nothing happens.  Too often we invite men and women of God to spend time in workshops with our ministry teams, training them the art of evangelism and then the speaker leaves, and implementation is minimal if any.  The goal here is not to look at what is wrong and make unhealthy statements regarding the integrity of one program from the other. Everything has its time, place, and effectiveness according to the need of the community. 

When considering writing this book, what came to mind was my own ministry and others like mine who are young in terms of years of existence and needing a fresh approach from what we grew up seeing.  How do we engage your church community with the world around us?  Are we still in the age of handing out tracks? Do they still work even?  How do we capture the attention of our current society that has so many options from which to choose?  These are tough questions and do not have a one size fits all approach.  

EVAngelize is a book that considers three points that I believe to be key in at least initiating the dialogue around community soul winning. The book is interactive and will engage you the reader to consider your own ministry and ways to add to or continue what you are currently doing. 

In this book you will guide your ministry development around the EVA of Evangelism:

  1. Establish a plan
  2. Know your Vicinity
  3. Walk in your Authority

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