Apostle Dr. Terika Smith

Dr. Terika Smith is the President, Founder of Terika Smith Ministries and President/Pastor of Flowing Rivers International Church located in Lawrence, MA.  She is the author of Except the Lord: When God Became the Builder and Write the Vision, Make it Plain Books. A lifelong educator at heart, she served for over 20 years in the field of education holding positions ranging from classroom teacher, where she taught Spanish, track and field coach, athletic director, high school principal, college professor and State of MA consultant among others.  Following her love of the Lord, she left secular education to serve full time as Pastor of the Lawrence Evangelical Church. From there, she served the local community of Lawrence in ministry. During her tenure as pastor and prior to the founding of the church she currently pastors, Dr. Smith funded the institute, Send Me Minister in Training which is now partnered with IBAD in Brazil making it an international institute preparing men and women of all ages in the Word of God.  

Over the years, Dr. Smith has expanded her range of service to the community from educator and pastor to public speaker, professional developer, and mentor.  She is experienced in writing and developing curricula both in the secular and the faith-based communities to support growth and leadership.  One of her passions in this area is to see and support leaders to become leaders. 

Her personal hat reveals her as mother and grandmother.  In 2010, her life was changed for the better, as she writes about in her book, Except the Lord: When God Became the Builder.  Her daughter, Karen entered her life as a teenager; Karen is now an adult, married to a wonderful husband, Rich. Together they have three children and are building a life to impact the world.


Dr Smith is a conference speaker locally, nationally, and internationally.  With her fluency in Spanish and her ability to communicate in Portuguese, she has spoken to large audiences in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America.  She has also spoken and lead conferences within the United States.  Her versatility in content and her flow in the anointing has allowed her to impact thousands of lives. 

Professional Development

A former educator in the public-school system and a university professor, Dr. Smith is a qualified educator with a passion to develop leaders of all ranges.  She is well versed in curriculum development and implementation and has brought that into the field of ministry to further impact team building and outreach. She develops her own curriculum based on a given topic by her hosts as well as unpacks preexisting curricula, making it more relevant to the community it is serving. 


In her eyes, there is an urgency of now for mentorship in ministry.  Her passion is to not see any left behind.  She believes that as Jesus mentored the disciples before he commissioned them, so should we as leaders mentor others before commissioning them to go forth. Regardless the schedule she has, Dr. Smith’s love for mentoring others will cause her to willfully interrupt her agenda to support those in need.